Rock Inscriptions of Rajasthan

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Rock Inscriptions of Rajasthan

The rock inscriptions of Rajasthan serve as a very authentic evidence for the reconstruction of the history and culture of Rajasthan. They offer reliable pieces of information that has helped in building up the chronology and political history of Rajasthan.

Rock Inscriptions of Rajasthan

S.No Year Inscription Facts to Remember
1 443 BC Barli, Ajmer Brahmi Script Reveals that Jaina cult was prevalent in Madhyamika.
2 1St – BC Ghosundi, Chittor Mentions Asvamedha Yajna by King Sarvatata. Mentions about Krishna & Sankarshana (Balram)
3 225 AD Nandsa Yupe Stambha, Bhilwara Nandsa (Bhilwara) Language Sanskrit
4 227 AD Barnala Yupe Stambha, Jaipur Language Sanskrit Presently preserved at Amer museum Mentions establishment of 7 Pathshala
5 238-239 AD Badwa Stambha, Baran Language Sanskrit Describes triratra yajna performed by three brothers.
6 274 AD Bichpuria, Tonk Language Sanskrit Mentions performance of Yajna – without any name Dharak described as Agnihotri
7 278 AD Vijayagarh Language Sanskrit Describes Pundareek yajna performed by Yashovardhana
8 423 AD Gungdhar, Jhalawar Language Sanskrit Mentions construction of Vishnu temple by Mayuraksha minister of Vishwakarma
9 424 AD Nagari Language Sanskrit Presently preserved at Ajmer museum Evidence about Vishnu worship.
10 490 AD Bharamar Mata, Chittor Language Sanskrit Mentions punyashobha, Rajyavardhana & Yashogupta of Gaur dynasty.
11 6th AD Khand, Chittor Language Sanskrit Two parts: one is 3-line & other is 8-line First part mentions Vishnudatta Second part mentions Manohar Swamy: Vishnu mandir
12 625 AD Basantgarh, Sirohi Language Sanskrit Raujil, son of Vajra Bhatt has been mentioned ruler of Arbuda region.
13 646 AD Shamboli, Mewar Information on Guhil Dynasty of mewar
14 661 AD Nadi Village, Mewar Language Sanskrit in Kutil Script Bravely of Guhil ruler Aparajit has been described
15 685 AD Mandore, Jodhpur Language Sanskrit Engraved on rock in Bawadi
16 713 AD Shakner-Ghatta, Chittor Language Sanskrit Mentions Raja Manbhanga or Manmori
17 738 AD Kanaswan, Kota Language Sanskrit Informs regarding Maurya ruler Dhawal
18 861 AD Ghatiyala, Jodhpur Language Sanskrit Information related to political, social & religious policies of Pratihara dynasty.
19 861 AD Ghatiyala, Jodhpur Language Marathi Verses with meaning in Sanskrit About Harishchandra, a Brahmin – supposed to be father of Pratihara dynasty.
20 865 AD Osian, Jodhpur Language Sanskrit Vatsraj given title of Ripudaman Varna System described
21 946 AD Pratapgarh Language Sanskrit
22 971 AD Chittor Language Sanskrit Presently preserved at Bhartiya Mandir, Ahmedabad. Describes prosperity of Chittor & achievements of Parmar rulers.
23 977 AD Aahar (Ahad) Language Sanskrit Description of 3 Kings- Allat, Narwahan & Shakti kumar Also gives information regarding military system of Mewar. Col Tod took the inscription to England
24 1086 AD Jhalrapatan Placed at Sarvasukhia Kothi Engraved by Pandit Harsukh in Sanskrit

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