RPSC: bhupendra singh yadav appointed as new chairman

Bhupendra Singh Yadav has been appointed as the Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPAC). Governor Kalraj Mishra issued orders to this effect. Earlier, Yadav resigned from the post of Director General of Police (DGP). Yadav had applied for voluntary retirement from 20 November. RPSC bhupendra singh yadav appointed as new chairman

RPSC bhupendra singh yadav appointed as new chairman

RPSC Chairman:

  • First Chairman: SIR S.K Ghosh
  • Current Chairman: Sh. Bhupendra Singh Yadav

Along with the chairman, four members of the board have also been appointed today.

RPSC also got four new members;

Four members have also been appointed in RPSC; Babulal Katara, Dr. Sangeeta Arya, Dr. Manju Sharma, Jaswant Rathi have been made members. Governor Kalraj Mishra issued its order.

Sanctioned Strength : (Including Chairman) Eight (1+7) has been completed after these new appointments.

RPSC’s current chairman Deepak Upreti is retiring today (14/10/2020). Due to which the post of Chairman of the Commission was becoming vacant. Earlier many posts in the Commission are vacant due to which the functioning is being affected.

Ex-DGP Bhupendra Singh Yadav who sought voluntary retirement from service about eight months before his tenure was to come to an end was appointed chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission. The governor gave his nod to his appointment. Yadav is likely to assume office soon. Bhupendra Singh has been replaced by senior IPS officer ML Lathar as the state DGP.

RPSC: bhupendra singh yadav appointed chairman of rajasthan public service commission. RPSC’s current chairman Deepak Upreti is retiring today

This is the first appointment by the Ashok Gehlot government in RPSC. Bhupendra Singh Yadav is replacing IAS officer Deepak Upreti who retired on Wednesday. Bhupendra Singh’s VRS application was accepted by the government on Tuesday. Sources said the file seeking his appointment as RPSC chairman was submitted to the governor office. It was instantly approved.

RPSC bhupendra singh yadav appointed as new chairman

Bhupendra Singh is the sixth police officer to assume the office of RPSC chairperson. Habib Khan Gauran, Kanhaiya Lal Bairwa, Dr Gyan Prakash Pilania, Subash Chandra Tandon and Bhawani Mal were other five police officers who were appointed to this coveted post.

Bhupendra Singh has the mammoth task of filling up about 9000 vacancies. The RSPC is yet to conduct the interviews for RAS recruitment.

He had been appointed as DGP in July, 2019 and was to retire from service on December 31, but the state government extended his appointment as DGP till June 30, 2021.

List of Hon’ble Chairpersons (Past / Previous)Click here

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is the premier commission of the government of Rajasthan, for organizing recruitment exams, procedures for recruiting employees, officers to various departments of the government. This includes the recruitment of Clerical cadre (Now handed over to RSMSSB) in minimum and the recruitment in Rajasthan Administrative Service (R.A.S) & Rajasthan Police Service (R.P.S) in maximum extent. The recruitment to RAS, RPS, RTS and Rajasthan Sub-ordinate Services is made through an exam RAS/RTS Competitive Exam organized by the RPSC. The RPSC office is located at Jaipur road, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

RPSC bhupendra singh yadav appointed as new chairman

Constitutional Provisions related to RPSC

Composition (Article 316)

  • Consists of Chairman and other members appointed by the Governor.
  • No other qualification except that 1/2 of the members shall be persons who at the dates of their respective appointments have held office for at least 10 years under the Government of India/Government of a State.
  • Tenure: 6 years or 62 years of age whichever is earlier.
  • Resignation will be addressed to the Governor of rajasthan.

Although the chairman and members of a SPSC (RPSC) are appointed by the governor, they can be removed only by the president (and not by the governor). The president can remove them on the same grounds and in the same manner as he can remove a chairman or a member of the UPSC.


The functions of the Commission are broadly divided into the following four categories :

(i) Advice on the framing of recruitment rules and its amendments with regard to the recruitment and conditions of service of Group ‘B’ posts/services carrying scale of pay of Rs. 6500-200-10,500/- and above and Group ‘A’ posts/services.
(ii) Advice on punishment proposed by the disciplinary authority in finalisation of departmental proceedindgs under the Odisha Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1962 read with Rule 7 of the Odisha Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1992.
(iii) Advice on matters relating to promotion of officers and fixation of inter seniority etc., with regard to officers of Group ‘B’ carrying pay scale of Rs. 6500-200-10,500/- and above and all Group ‘A’ officers.
(iv) Recruitment of candidates to different posts/services belonging to Group ‘B’ and above under the State Government.
(a) Through competitive examination and viva voce test as prescribed in the concerned recruitment rules;
(b) Through viva voce test only.

The Commission are not required to be consulted in the following matter :-
3.(1) It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission on any of the matter specified in sub-clause(a), (b) & (c) of clause (3) of Article 320 of the Constitution in respect of –

(a) The posts and services to which appointment is made by an authority other than the State Government;
(b) The Chairman and Members of the Commission;
(c) The Advocate General;
(d) Government Advocates, Assistant Government Advocates, Additional Government Advocates, Standing Counsels and Additional Standing Counsels;
(e) Public Prosecutors, Government Pleaders, Assistant Public Prosecutors and Additional Government Pleaders;
(f) The Personal and the Secretariat staff of the Governor;
(g) The Secreariat staff of the Legislative Assembly;
(h) The post of Private Secretary to the Chief Minister whose tenure is co-terminous with the office of the sitting Chief Minister;
(i) Civil services and civil posts other than those in Group ‘B’ carrying scale of pay of Rs.6500-200-10,500/- and above and Group ‘A’.
(j) Part-time Medical Officers of hospitals in the State;
(k) All posts under the State Administrative Tribunal;
(l) Contract appointments made for a period not exceeding three years; and
(m) Appointment of Deputy Chief Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on regular basis in Group ‘A’ post under the Commerce & Transport ( Transport) Department and regularisation of services of the Deputy Chief Aircraft Maintenance Engineer appointed on ad hoc basis in Group ‘A’ post under the said Department since on the 19th June, 1991 and continuing as such on ad hoc basis on the date of commencement (Limitations of Functions) (Amendment) Regulations, 1994.

(2) It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission on any of the matters specified in the said sub-clauses of the said Article of the Constitution as hereinbefore specified in respect of –
(i) Temporary appointments, promotions or transfers from one service to another made for a period not exceeding one year which it is necessary to make urgently;

About Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission had a glorious past of nearly 70 years. During 1923, the Lee Commission had recommended setting up of a Central Public Service Commission in India, but it did not give much thought to the need of establishing similar commissions in provinces. It was left largely to the discretion of provincial Governments to recruit and exercise control over their Services, as they thought proper.

At the time of formation of Rajasthan, the institution of Public Service Commission existed in only three of the 22 covenanting states viz. Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. The successor administration after the merger of the princely states promulgated an ordinance on 16th August, 1949 establishing the Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer which was published in Raj. Gazette at 20th August, 1949. In thrid para of point no. 1 of this ordinance, it is clearly mentioned that the Commission will come in to effect from the date on which notification regarding appointment is published in Govt. Gazette. However the notification regarding appointment was published in the Rajasthan Gazettee on 22th December, 1949 and it was on this date that RPSC came into effect. It provided for the abolition of the PSCs or other institution performing duties in the nature of those of a PSC in the constituent states. The ordinance also provided inter-alia, for the composition of the Commission, the staff and the functions of the Commission.

Initially the composition of the Commission was one Chairman and 2 Members. Sir S.K.Ghosh (also the then Chief Justice of Rajasthan) was appointed Chairman. Subsequently Shri Devishankar Tiwari and Shri N.R. Chandorkar were appointed Members and Shri S.C. Tripathi (I.E.S), formerly a member of the Federal PSC was appointed as Chairman. In the year 1951, in order to regulate the working of the Commission, the Rajpramukh issued the following Regulations under the provisions of the Constitution of India.

1. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Conditions of Service) Regulation, 1951 and
2. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Limitation of Functions) Regulation, 1951.

In view of its important and impartial function, Public Service Commissions rightly find a place of pride in the Indian Constitution. Articles 16, 234, 315 to 323 deal with various functions and powers of the Public Service Commissions. The working of Rajasthan Public Service Commission is also regulated by Rajasthan Public Service Commission Rules & Regulation, 1963, Rules framed by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission for conduct of their Business and the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (Regulations and validation of Procedure ordinance 1975 & Act 1976).

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