RPSC RAS Mains 2021 Preparation | RAS Mains Study Material | RAS Mains Solved Practice Test

RPSC RAS Mains 2021 Preparation | RAS Mains Study Material | RAS Mains Solved Practice Test: Although getting formal coaching would be desirable for the sake of consistency, students are perfectly capable of clearing this exam without any coaching. Following are some the tips to be considered when making the attempt through self-study:

RPSC conducts a State-level Exam for eligible candidates to recruit the shortlisted candidates for various posts. To clear the exam, firstly, it is important to know the RPSC syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. In addition, the exam pattern is to be kept in mind so that the preparation of all the stages is done accordingly. As per the selection process, the different stages of the RPSC exam are – Preliminary, Mains, Interview/Personality Test. Some of the preparation tips for each stage are discussed here. Also, it is advised to practice previous years papers for the exam.

There is a wide availability of textbooks for RAS Preparation, They can be found in most bookstores as well as online through most online retailers. Some of the recommended textbooks for each subject are listed below:

RPSC RAS Mains 2021 Preparation Strategy

Previous Year’s Papers

  • The best preparation tip that the student can use is to solve as many of the RAS question papers from the previous years as possible.
  • The syllabus of the examination has not changed drastically throughout the past few years, so the candidates should definitely make use of these papers.
  • The old Question Papers, as well as the Answer Keys, can be found on the official website of RPSC.
  • Aspirants are advised to make good use of these resources as it will also provide a healthy amount of practice in the format as well as the topics of the examination.

Adopt a Healthy Study Schedule

  • Candidates who may find the vast syllabus daunting can begin by creating a healthy schedule that they can keep up for an extended period of time.
  • Divide the portions into doable sections and allocate time to each subject every day.
  • Although this may be a stressful time for many, candidates can avoid becoming overworked by sticking to this schedule as well as possible.
  • This schedule may also involve allocating additional time to the subjects in which the candidate is not very confident.

Stay Consistent

  • Aspirants should follow the set schedule and Study Plan as consistently as possible. Changing either study patterns or source materials during the course of preparation can throw the candidates of the set path and lead to confusion.
  • Students should, to the best of their ability, follow the same textbooks and source materials to avoid getting confused or distracted.


  • Candidates should be completely thorough with the syllabus of both the Prelims as well as the Mains examinations.
  • Knowing the topics and areas that require higher concentration will be extremely helpful when planning a study schedule. Candidates can then allocate more time to these particular areas and topics, rather than get left behind due to these subjects.

Healthy Lifestyle

  • As much as possible, the candidates should strive to adopt a healthy lifestyle during the time of preparation.
  • This can include getting min 8 hours of sleep, having a well-balanced diet of all the required nutrients daily, staying fit through any form of exercise, and having a good support structure of family and friends.
  • These seemingly small steps can provide the student with the additional boost required to achieve the best possible result.

English Language Prep

  • Candidates can improve their grammar and usage, as well as for comprehension and precis writing, by referring to their textbooks from high school. Wren & Martin is an excellent resource for this subject.
  • Students can also improve their writing skills through the practice of writing letters and mock essays.

Current Affairs & General Knowledge

  • When preparing for this section of the examination candidates are advised to stay informed of the cultural, social, political, and economic landscape and changes of both the state of Rajasthan, as well in India.
  • Aspirants can stay well versed in these topics by consistently reading a variety of popular newspapers such as The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Times of India, etc. as well as reading informative magazines and relevant articles that focus on the same topics.

Writing Practice

  • Another tip that the students may find useful is to practise writing the answers when practising with the previous question papers, specifically for the RAS Mains examination.
  • The 4 Main Papers all contain Theory or Descriptive type questions. These may prove to be very time consuming if not sufficiently prepared for.

RPSC RAS Mains 2021 Study Material

Paper NameStudy Material
General Studies I (Paper-I)History


Sociology, Management, Accounting & Auditing
General Studies II (Paper-II) Administrative Ethics

General Science & Technology

Earth Science (Geography and Geology)
General Studies III (Paper-III)World Politics, Current Affairs and Indian Political System.

Concepts, Dynamics of Public Administration, Issues and Management

Sports and Yoga,

Behaviour and Law
General Hindi & General English (Paper-IV)Grammar and Usage

Comprehension, Translation and Precis Writing

Composition & Letter Writing

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