Ancient Indian History

In RPSC Civil Services RAS Exam, the subject History is equally important for both RAS Prelims Exam and RAS Mains Exam. Generally, History is divided under the three sub-sections i.e. Ancient Indian History, Medieval History and Modern History. Here, we have provided very important Multiple Choice Questions of Ancient History for RAS Prelims Exam.

For the aspirants of the RPSC Civil Services RAS/RTS Exam, it is very important to choose such Study Materials which are more informative as well as less exhaustive to study. As you know that the History syllabus provided by RPSC for the RAS Prelims Exam is so vast and much comprehensive. From the subject History including the three sections of it, lots of questions to be asked in the RAS Prelims Exam. So, the RAS Exam aspirants need to study the subject History very hard to crack RAS Prelims Exam. An authenticated and more comprehensive Study Material could be helpful for their Preparation of RPSC RAS Exam.

Questions asked from Ancient Indian History section in RAS Prelims Exam are quite easy, but the aspirants need to memorise well before appearing in the exam. The RPSC RAS Exam aspirants should have balanced preparation of overall three sections of the History and its chronology is one of the most important parts of the subject history, which the candidates have required to memorise well for the RAS Prelims Exam and as well as for the RAS Mains Exam.

Here, we have provided such Study Materials for the section- Ancient History which has been developed keeping in mind the complete syllabus and the changing pattern of questions asked by RPSC in RAS Prelims Exam in recent years. We have attempted to cover all the topics as per the given RPSC syllabus and the Multiple Choice Questions of Ancient History along with appropriate explanations makes it more than informative and hence very useful for the RAS Prelims Exam.

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Overview of Stone AgeNotable WritersGreek WritersChinese writers
Ashokan inscriptionsMajor ImportsHarappan SitesImportant Rivers
Important officersBuddha’s LifeLiterary WorksChola Temples
Indian Pre historyHunting & GatheringPalaeolithic AgeMesolithic Era
Neolithic EraChalcolithic PeriodIndus Valley CivilizationThe Vedic Civilization
BuddhismJainismMagadha EmpireHaryanka Dynasty
Shishunaga DynastyNanda DynastyAlexander’s InvasionChandragupta Maurya
BindusaraAshokaSunga DynastyKanva Dynasty
Chetis of KalingaThe SatvahanasSangam StatesChola Rulers
Pandyan KingsSangam PolityChandragupta ISamudragupta
Chandragupta IIKumaragupta ISkandaguptaThe Maukharis
The PushyabhutisHarsha VardhanaHarsha’s reignHieun-Tsang’s
The VakatakasThe AbhirasThe TraikutakasThe Rashtrakutas
KalachurisThe GangasThe Palas of BengalThe Senas  
Imperial Cholas  Sundara CholaRajaraj CholaRajendra Chola  
Chola Chalukya Wars  Pulakesin I    Pulakesin II  Chalukyas of Kalyani  
Pallavas of Kanchi  Vijaynagara Empire  Bahamani Kingdom  Shahi kings  

Ancient History Study Material for RPSC RAS Prelims Exam