RRB Group d 11th October 2018 Question Paper Analysis

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RRB Group D 11th October Exam Analysis 2018 and Asked Questions in Shift 3rd, 2nd, and 3rd exam are provided here. Railway Group D Shift 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift exams are over now and candidates are looking for the paper analysis of today’s group d exam. So, we have described the RRB Group D 2018 Exam Analysis of 11th Oct paper which is fully based on the candidate’s feedback who were attempted the Group D exam on 11th Oct 2018. RRB Group D Shift 3rd exam analysis is the most anticipated one of the whole day. The mentioned RRB Group D Exam Analysis 11th Oct 2018 is profitable for students who are going to appear in the exam on future dates. This paper analysis of railway exam will help you to understand the overall exam pattern, difficulty level, and Questions Asked in RRB Group D 11th Oct exam that will be beneficial for applicants who are going to appear in this exam in future.



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RRB Group d Exam 11th October 2018 Question Paper Shift -I


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 11th Oct 2018 – Question Asked in General Awareness (GA)

  1. Mehbuba Mufti belongs to which party ?- People Democratic Party(PDP)


  1. Who is the writter of ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ Book ?- Karan Johar


  1. One question related to RTE


  1. Design on Rs. 50 note ?- Hammpi


  1. Alpha and Beta is discovered by ?- Ratherford


  1. Who is the CEO of XIomi ?-Lei Jun


  1. CM of Haryana ?- Manohar Lal Khatter


  1. Who is Indian Ambassador of Brazil ?- Ashok Das


RRB Group D Exam Analysis 11th Oct 2018 – Question Asked in General Science (GS) -Shift 1


  1. Which is known as soldier of human Body ?- Corpuscles (Red Blood Cells)


  1. SI Unit of Magnetic Flex ?-Weber


  1. Full Form of RNA ?-Ribonucleic acid


Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 11th Oct 2018- Maths Question Asked

The level of Railway Or RRB Group D Maths was Easy-Moderate. Below are some maths questions asked in shift 1st.


  1. HCF and LCM of two number is 15 and 300, one number is 60 and find the other number ?
  2. A Car covers a distance of 10 meter in 1 second, then what will be his speed in KM/h ?- 36


  1. LCm of 14,20,18 ?-1260


  1. What will be 38% of 700 ?-266


  1. Ratio Milk and water 2:1 in a mixture of 75 Liter, How much quantity of water should be added so that ration of milk in water be 1:2 ?75


  1. A amount becomes Rs.2100 in 2 years and 2250 in 5 years on simple interest then find the principal and Interest rate ?Principal =Rs2,000 , Rate =2.5%

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