RRB Group D 23rd September Exam Analysis 2018 & Asked Questions on 23rd Sept Paper


Railway Group D 23rd September Exam Analysis 2018 and Asked Questions in Shift 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exam is provided here on myupsc.com. RRB Group D Shift 1st exam is over now and candidates are looking for the paper analysis of today’s group d exam. So, we have described the RRB Group D 2018 Exam Analysis of 23rd Sept paper which is fully based on the candidate’s feedback who was attempted the Group D exam on 23rd Sept 2018(today). RRB Group D Shift 1st exam analysis is the most anticipated one of the whole day. The mentioned RRB Group D Exam Analysis 23rd Sept 2018 is profitable for students who are going to appear in the exam on future dates. This paper analysis of railway exam will help you to understand the overall exam pattern, difficulty level, and Questions Asked in RRB Group D 23rd Sept exam that will be beneficial for applicants who are going to appear in this exam in future.

The Railway Recruitment Board has decided to conduct RRB Group D examination in three shifts. A huge number of students are going to appear in Railway Group D examination in three shifts (9 to 10:30 AM, 12:30 to 2 PM, 4 to 5:30 PM) and here we have mentioned RRB Group D 23rd Sept 2018 Paper Analysis as per the student’s feedback. You can check overall difficulty level of examination, good attempt, section wise exam analysis, safe attempt, etc.


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RRB Group D Questions Asked on 23rd Sept 2018 Exam

 RRB Group D Shift 1st Questions Asked on 23rd Sept 2018

General Awareness

  1. Full Form of IMF?-International Monetary fund
  2. Chief Minister of Delhi?-Arvind Kejriwal
  3. CM of Punjab?-Amrinder Singh
  4. Sampada Yojana Related to?-Agro Marine
  5. Hockey World Cup 2018 held at?-Odisha
  6. Ranapratap Dam located on which river?-Chambal
  7. Kalidaas award 2018?-Anjolie Ela Menon
  8. Golden Boot in FIFA world cup 2018?-Herry Cane
  9. Capital of saudi arabia?-Riyadh
  10. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas?-9 january
  11. Maitri yudhh Exercise? India and Thailand
  12. ManikaranPlant located at?-Himachal Pradesh(kullu)
  13. hygrometer kya kaam aata hai?-Aapekshik Adarta
  14. pollute gas motor vehicle- carbon mono oxide
  15. canelyte kiska khaniz h-Magnesium
  16. feritima pustuma kiska rasanik name hai-kachua
  17. pani ka ghantav adhiktam hota hai-4degree
  18. harit balirog kis fasal se hota h-bajra
  19. Adunik aavart niyam ka pratipadan kisne diya-Mosle
  20. Diapter kiski ekai hai-lense capacity
  21. vidhyut dhara ko kisse mapa jata hai-Ameter
  22. Rajayasabha me manonoit hine wali pahli bhartiya acteress-Nargis dutt
  23. Lothal kis river k kinare hai-Bhogwa river
  24. prakash waves kiska example hai-Vidhyut magnetic waves
  25. Pahli bar parmanu Bom ka upyog kaha hua – Japan
  26. Sanvidhan sabha ka pahla adhiveshan kaha hua-Delhi
  27. Bleeching powder ka Rasaynik formulla-CaOCl2

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 23rd Sept. Shift 1 – Mathematics

  • Time and Work – 3 Qs
  • Pipe – 1 Qs
  • Mensuration – 2 Qs
  • Probability – 1 Qs
  • Pie Chart – 2 Qs
  • BODMAS – 3 Qs
  • 16-[5-2{14*2-(8/4*2-1+3)}]
  • The propotion of income of James and Radha is 1:2, the total income of James and Radha is 87rs. What is the income of Radha?
  • 63-(-3)(-2-4-8)/3*(5+(-2-1))
  • A and B completes a work in 20 days, A completes the work alone in 36 days. In how many days B alone can complete the work?
  • HCF{4,12,112}
  • 4 skilled person can complete a work in 5 days, 8 unskilled person can complete the work in 12 days, If they work simultaneously, then in how many days the work will be complete?

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 23rd Sept. Shift 1 – General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Odd one Out – 120,300,111,133
  • Analogy – 29:58::17:?
  • Mirror image – MOB
  • Conclusion – 2 Qs
  • Calender – 23rd December 1952 is which day?
  • Water Image – 3 Qs
  • Number Series – 7,14,21,28,?

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 23rd Sept. Shift 1 – General Science

  • Biology – 1 Qs based on RBC & WBC. Who Discovered Blood?
  • Chemistry – Name the heaviest metal?
  • Physics – 1 Qs on 2nd law of motion.
  • Name the chemical formula of Milk Water.
  • What is Coulomb’s Law?
  • Which element has least atomic mass.
  • SI unit of weight.
  • 1 Qs from Ozone layer.

 Railway Group D Shift 2nd Questions Asked on 23rd Sept 2018

  1. Director of Bahubali? -S.S.Rajamauli
  2. Governor of Chattisgarh?- Anandiben Patel
  3. Prime Minister of Australia?- Scoot Morrison
  4. Unit of Force?-Newton
  5. Mayopiya Lens-Avtal
  6. Sodium ko kisme rakh jata h?- keroseen
  7. State tree of Haryana?-Pipal

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RRB Group D Shift 3rd Questions Asked on 23rd Sept 2018

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