RRB Group D Exam 5th October 2018 Question Paper

RRB Group D 5th October Exam Analysis 2018 and Asked Questions in Shift 3rd, 2nd, and 3rd exam are provided here. Railway Group D Shift 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift exams are over now and candidates are looking for the paper analysis of today’s group d exam. So, we have described the RRB Group D 2018 Exam Analysis of 5th Oct paper which is fully based on the candidate’s feedback who were attempted the Group D exam on 5th Oct 2018. RRB Group D Shift 3rd exam analysis is the most anticipated one of the whole day. The mentioned RRB Group D Exam Analysis 5th Oct 2018 is profitable for students who are going to appear in the exam on future dates. This paper analysis of railway exam will help you to understand the overall exam pattern, difficulty level, and Questions Asked in RRB Group D 5th Oct exam that will be beneficial for applicants who are going to appear in this exam in future.





RRB Group D Exam 5th oct 2018 Shift 1 Question Paper

RRB Group D Question Paper 5 October 2018

1)chlorine atomic mass number


2)Blood me RBC and WBC ke alawa kon si kosika hoti hai


3)Alkane,Alkine and alkaline ko badhte krum me likho


4)1gm CO2 me kitne aanu hote hai


5)water ke 10 mol ka weight

Ans-180 gm

6)Helogen kis grp ko kehte hai


7)f=200N m=20kg a=?


8)2,8,8 electronic configuration kiska hota hai


9) Sabse halka element kon sa hota hai


10)Voltage ki unit


11)Wheeler dwip kha sthit hai


12)Back bone me haddiyo ki sankhiya


13)National flower ka scientific name

Ans-Nelambo newsifera garton

14)Fire extingush gas


15)Chanakya duwara likhi book

Ans-Arth sastra

16)World water day

Ans-22 march

17)Upsore kya hai

Ans-Earth and sun ke bich ki door

18)RBC ka work

Ans-Rog pritirodh chamta badhata hai

19)French East india company bharat kab aayi


20)Sabse aadhik sadak kis state me hai


21)Uthak ke aadhyan ko kya kehte hai


22)Soda water bnane ke liye kon si gas use krte hai


23)Cast spiridh kya hai

Ans-Mithayal alkohol

24)Bharat ka van anusandhan kha hai


25)Kosika bhitti kiski bani hoti hai




27)12:23 me kitni degree ka kon hota hai

Ans-121.5 degree

28)Engineer Doctore Actore ven diagram

29)1 nov 2020 ko kon sa diwash hoga


30)2 7 17 37 77 ?


31)R31 P14 N15 L16 ??


32) 25 45 65 85 ??


33) Dist state and country ven diagram

34)M I L N odd


35)10 17 26 37 ??


36)Parmanu jhelne wala ek matr desh kon sa hai


37)Desh me 1st mahila sanchalit railway station kon sa hai

Ans-Matunga mumbai

38)NITI aayog ka upadhyakch

Ans-Rajiv kumar

39)horse Power kitne watt ka hota hai

Ans-746 watt

40)International srum sanghtan ka headquater kha hai

Ans-Zenewa switzerland

41)Uber cup kis khel se sambandhit hai


42)Aane e akabari kiske rachiyeta hai

Ans-Abul fajal

43)Guru sikhar choti kis state me sthit hai


44)Metri yudh abhyash kiske sath hua


45)Gold kisme ghul jata hai

Ans-Aqua regia

46)Auto mobile battery me kon sa acid hota hai


47)vitamin e chemical name




49)Vegitable capsicum and beans ka ven diagram

50)2 7 17 37 77 ?


  • Who is the CEO of Microsoft? Satya Nadella
  • What is the capital of Assam? Dispur
  • Who is the author of the book “War & Peace”? Leo Tolstoy
  • Who is the Governor of Telangana? E. S. L. Narasimhan
  • Winner of 2018 French Open? Rafael Nadal
  • Where was the FIFA U-17 World Cup final match held? India
  • Where did the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah died? Burma
  • According to Smart India Mission, which city was recently awarded as the smart city? Bhubaneswar
  • Who is the Chief Minister of Nagaland? Nephi Rio
  • Which is the biggest river island in the world? Majuli
  • Satyajit Singh is related to which sport?
  • Who won the best actor in IIFA 2017 awards? Shahid Kapoor
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  • Attempt the RRB Group D CBT Mock Test


RRB Group D Question 5 October Shift 1


  • What is the weight of 10 moles of H2O?
  • Heater wires are made up of___
  • What is the Atomic Number of Potassium in the Modern Periodic Table?
  • F=200N, M=20kgs, A=?
  • Sugar used in the home is made up of___
  • Arrange Alkane, Alkyne, Alkene according to their bond weights?

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 5 October 2018 Shift 1 Mathematics

  • Trigonometry(Shadow Based) 1-2 Q
  • Geometry(Triangles & Quadrilaterals) 2-3 Qs
  • Speed,Time & Distance -2 Qs
  • HCF/LCM 2-3 Qs
  • CI/SI 2-3 Qs
  • BODMAS 4 Qs
  • Time & Work 2 Qs

RRB Group D 5 October 2018 Shift 1 General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Clock – 2 Qs
  • R13, P14, N15, L16, __?
  • Alphabet Series – 2 Qs
  • Find the angle between hour and minute hand at 12:23?
  • What day will be 1st Nov 2020?
  • Number Series – 2-3 Qs
  • Meghalaya: Shillong: Bihar: ___?
  • Calendar – 2 Qs
  • 2, 7, 17, 37, 77, __?

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