Study Material for Karnataka PSC KAS Exam 2021

All the aspirants should get hold of the best books for the KPSC KAS Exam 2021. The KPSC KAS Exam top books help candidates to crack the preliminary exam, mains exam, and the interview round as well. The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) Exam 2021. In the meanwhile, the candidates should start the preparation from the best KPSC KAS Prelims and Mains Books.

  • The aspirants of the KPSC KAS Exam can utilize this time to prepare for the exam. The exam will be held in three stages, viz. prelims, mains, and interview. The subjects that are covered in these stages are of the SSLC level and based mostly on general knowledge and languages.
  • The Karnataka PSC KAS Exam 2021 also comprises a section for an optional subject in which the questions are based on the specialization subject of the aspirants.
  • To prepare for such a plethora of subjects and topics, the best KPSC KAS books, including KPSC KAS mains books as well as for the interview, are listed here. The aspirants can refer to the list to get the best books, which will help them ace the KPSC KAS exams.

In the below article, we have elaborated more on the KPSC KAS Books for the upcoming exam. Hence, interested candidates can continue reading further to know more about the top books recommended by experts to crack the Karnataka PSC KAS Exam 2021 prelims, mains, and interview round.

Best Books for KPSC KAS Prelims Exam 2021

The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) officials are yet to release the official exam dates for the KPSC KAS recruitment 2021. However, candidates interested in appearing for its exam can refer to the KPSC KAS best books to crack the exam. Given below are more details on the top books for the KPSC Karnataka Administrative Service Exam 2021:

Read Following Standard / Recommended Books

Here are the Best Books for the KPSC KAS prelims and Mains Exam Preparation.

History Books for KPSC KAS Exam

  1. History of Modern India – Bipan Chandra
  2. Spectrum Modern History
  3. India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra
  4. India’s Ancient Past – R.S. Sharma
  5. History of Medieval India – Satish Chandra

Geography Books for KPSC KAS Exam

  1. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
  2. NCERT’s 11th and 12th Class
  3. Oxford Student Atlas

Environment and Ecology Books for KPSC KAS Exam

  1. Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure – Rajagopalan
  2. NCERT 12th Biology (Chapter 13 onwards).

Indian Polity and Governance Books for KPSC KAS Preparation

  1. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
  2. Governance in India by Laxmikanth

Indian Economy Books for KPSC KAS Preparation

  1. Indian Economy – Sanjiv Verma
  2. Economic Survey of India
  3. Economic Survey of Karnataka

General Science and Technology Books for KPSC KAS Preparation

  1. General Science – Arihant Publication
  2. Science subject NCERTs
  3. Science Reporter Magazine

The KPSC KAS Prelims exam has two papers:

1. General Knowledge and Humanities

2. State Affairs

The KPSC KAS prelims best books are listed in the table below:

SubjectBook NameBuy/ OrderDescription
General Studies General Knowledge 2022 Click here The extensive information that details international and national affairsMost recommended book for the preparation of general knowledge part of all government exams.
 General StudiesClick hereOrganized in such a way that each fact is easy to find.A large number of practice questions are available.
 General KnowledgeClick hereThe most referred book for general knowledge.Updated every year to include the latest developments in science, politics, literature, and other fields.
HumanitiesNCERT booksClick hereCondensed information designed to help you to grasp as much information as possible.Readily available in all markets.
 Indian PolityClick hereDesigned for KPSC exams.Includes concise notes that are helpful in revision.
 Indian Struggle for IndependenceClick hereOn-point and crisp information without any fluff.Questions included at the end of every chapter to help you review.
 Karnataka HandbookClick hereIncludes information related to Karnataka.Updated regularly to provide the latest information.

Best Books for KPSC KAS Mains Exam 2021

The best KPSC KAS mains books based on the Syllabus can be found in the table here. As per the KPSC KAS Syllabus, There are a total of 9 papers in this exam, 2 of which are language-based, and the rest 7 are based on general studies and optional subjects. Check the below sections to know best books for the KPSC KAS Mains Exam:

SubjectBook NameBuy/ OrderDescription
General Studies-I Modern IndiaClick here Key points at the end of every chapter that help in revision topics are divided into sections to make it easier to grasp.
 History of Karnataka Click hereA detailed history of Karnataka apt for the KPSC KAS exam. Divided into two volumes for the convenience of the students.
General Studies-IIKarnatakaClick hereIncludes the information on the Political scene and sociology of the state of Karnataka. Designed according to the syllabus of KPSC exams.
 Indian PolityClick hereComplete information regarding the Indian politics. Most referred books for the polity parts of every government exam.
 Indian GeographyClick hereReadily available concise information with highlighted facts and other important information.
General Studies-IIIIndian EconomyClick hereDesigned for Civil Services Exams of India. Revised regularly to update the material.
 Karnataka Economy Survey and BudgetClick hereEssential for the preparation of the economy of Karnataka. Gives in-depth information to the candidates.
 Public AdministrationClick hereA large questionnaire to help students prepare for KPSC and other competitive exams. The syllabus is divided into various sections in an organized manner.
General Studies-IVEthics, Integrity, and AptitudeClick hereThe perfect book for those who are attempting for the first time. Points explained with various case studies.
 Ethics in GovernanceClick hereInforms about the malpractices that plague the Indian government systems. Teaches about public administration and is, therefore, best for the KPSC KAS exam.
 Lexicons for Ethics, Integrity and AptitudeClick here Guides the candidates to solve the case studies with correct ethics. In-depth information about public administration.


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