ART & ARCHITECTURE IN ANCIENT INDIA Art of sculpture Ancient India witnessed remarkable progress in the art of sculpture. The three important schools namely- Gandhara, Mathura and Amravati grew and progressed during ancient India. Each of these schools has occupied a commanding place in the field of Indian sculpture and has contributed towards its growth … Read more ART & ARCHITECTURE IN ANCIENT INDIA


Industry 4.0, also known as the intelligent industry, is considered to be the fourth industrial revolution, a term coined by Professor Schwa band seeks to transform a company into an intelligent organization to achieve the best business results. To some, it will seem too soon to talk about the next industrial revolution, i.e., the fourth industrial … Read more ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Interstate water disputes

The Inter-State River Water Disputes are one of the most contentious issues in the Indian federalism today. The recent cases of the Cauvery Water Dispute and the Satluj Yamuna Link Canal are some examples. Various Inter-State Water Disputes Tribunals have been constituted so far, but they had their own problems. Constitutional Provisions Entry 17 of … Read more Interstate water disputes

BRICS-Brazil-Russia-India-China and South Africa

BRICS is an acronym for the grouping of the world’s leading emerging economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS Leaders’ Summit is convened annually. Structure BRICS does not exist in form of organization, but it is an annual summit between the supreme leaders of five nations. The Chairmanship of the forum … Read more BRICS-Brazil-Russia-India-China and South Africa

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

What is SCO? SCO is a permanent intergovernmental international organisation. It’s a Eurasian political, economic and military organisation aiming to maintain peace, security and stability in the region. It was created in 2001. The SCO Charter was signed in 2002, and entered into force in 2003. It is a statutory document which outlines the organization’s … Read more Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)


The Bhutan government has decided to send the bill for ratification of the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal (BBIN) initiative for road and rail connectivity to its upper senate. Background: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) had signed a framework MVA in June 2015 to enable movement of passenger and cargo vehicles across borders among the four countries. Bhutan … Read more BANGLADESH-BHUTAN-INDIA-NEPAL (BBIN) INITIATIVE

ASEAN:The Association of Southeast Asian Nations

What is ASEAN? The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a regional organization which was established to promote political and social stability amid rising tensions among the Asia-Pacific’s post-colonial states. The motto of ASEAN is “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”. 8th August is observed as ASEAN Day. ASEAN Secretariat – Indonesia, Jakarta. Member Nations … Read more ASEAN:The Association of Southeast Asian Nations

India-Afghanistan: Challenges; Geo-Political Developments

India-Afghanistan Relations: Gaining Strategic Bonding Reflecting on the history of Afghanistan-India relations spanning over thousands of years, the enduring bond of the two nations is an effort and determination of the people of both the countries for an ever flourishing comprehensive strategic partnership. Focusing on India’s cooperation with Afghanistan reaffirms the shared understanding that is … Read more India-Afghanistan: Challenges; Geo-Political Developments

Lokpal and Lokayukta

What are Lokpal and Lokayukta? The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013 provided for the establishment of Lokpal for the Union and Lokayukta for States These institutions are statutory bodies without any constitutional status. They perform the function of an “ombudsman” and inquire into allegations of corruption against certain public functionaries and for related matters. Why … Read more Lokpal and Lokayukta

Wuhan sprit

Informal summit held between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese president Xi in April 2018 at Wuhan. It has following outcomes which are said to be Wuhan spirit. Prime Minister of India, H.E. Shri Narendra Modi and President of People’s Republic of China, H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping held their first Informal Summit in Wuhan on … Read more Wuhan sprit

Puppetry, , Musical Instrument and Theatre Forms

The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre to pantomime, sung verse and beyond. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains. Music is perhaps the most universal of the performing arts and is found … Read more Puppetry, , Musical Instrument and Theatre Forms

Indus Valley Civilization:Sites Art & Culture

indus valley civilization notes

Indus Valley Civilization 2700- BC.1900 ie for 800 years. On the valleys of river Indus. Also known as Harappan Civilization. Beginning of city life. Harappan Sites discovered by – Dayaram Sahni (1921) – Montgomery district, Punjab, Pakistan. Mohenjo-Daro discovered by – R. D. Banerjee – Larkana district, Sind, Pakistan. City was divided into Citadel (west) … Read more Indus Valley Civilization:Sites Art & Culture