UPSC CSE Mains Engineering Optional Subjects Study Material

Owing to the recent trends in IAS Exam where immense success is gained by aspirants with technical background at a very young age, it’s advisable to start with the IAS preparation in graduation itself, especially if you are in an engineering college. Here, we provide some attractive tips on how to study for IAS while doing engineering.

Time and again, many civil servants have shared their success stories like how they started as an ordinary student than what inspired them to become an IAS aspirant and finally how they accomplished their journey from IAS Aspirant to IAS Officer.

Generally, most of the IAS aspirants start off with their journey during their college days. Studies and surveys show that around 25-30% of aspirants cracking the IAS Exam are engineers and each year more and more engineers are appearing the IAS Exam.

Although, every year at least one topper among the top 10 ranks is an engineer, but competition is furious among technical students. Hence, it is recommended to all the future IAS officers that are still in their engineering years to buck up and start studying for this exam during your graduation itself.

Civil Engineering

The UPSC offers three engineering disciplines as optionals in the UPSC mains exam. They are civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. They are indeed highly specialised subjects and only engineering graduates are recommended to take them up as optionals. There aren’t many candidates who take civil engineering as their optional subject but every year there are successful candidates with this optional subject.

Electrical Engineering

The UPSC optional subjects list consists of 48 subjects including Electrical Engineering syllabus of which focuses on the candidates’ understanding of the basic concepts and application of knowledge. The topics included in this subject are related to Analog and Digital Electronics, Power Systems, Microprocessors etc. Candidates should choose Electrical Engineering as an optional subject in IAS Exam when they have a strong interest and background in the subject.

Mechanical Engineering

The 48 subjects which make up the list of optional subjects in UPSC mains have Mechanical Engineering as a part of the list. The Mechanical Engineering syllabus for IAS Exam tests the candidates’ understanding of the elements of mechanical engineering and their applications. The topics included in this subject are related to mechanics, manufacturing, thermodynamics, refrigeration and air conditioning along with their applications.