UPSC Prelims 2021

UPSC Prelims is an important phase of your UPSC Journey. It is the first hurdle which you need to clear in order to become an IAS Officer. If you are thinking that UPSC Prelims 2021 will be easy then you are wrong. UPSC is known for doing things differently. So, expecting an easy paper might not be a good thing.

The very nature of exam is very demanding and sometimes it tests limits of your patience. So, when you are preparing for civil services exam, you need to work both on knowledge and personality. Knowledge is available abundantly everywhere. But, to shape your personality and to help you gain confidence by providing you clear-cut right guidance, you need a trusted source(person/website/institution) whose intention is only to see you succeed and celebrate your success without owning it.

To prepare well for this exam you need a plan. To clear this exam you need a good guide and mentor in addition to your sustained hard work. When you are preparing for this exam you need someone to watch you constantly, push you consistently and take care of your doubts (and self-doubts) now and then. Even if you are very strong, bouts of demotivation and frustration are sure to affect your confidence.

Nowadays the civil services exam being conducted by UPSC is getting complex, tough and unpredictable. This exam demands from you the ability to think and take decisions on the spot. Exam papers are more inclined towards testing your common sense through tricky, subjective and vague questions. Reading books and ready made materials will give you lots of knowledge, but they will never give the skills necessary to clear this exam.

You must join these test series programs to prepare effectively for CSE-2021. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. Starting early gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of stuff for Prelims as well as for Mains-2021.

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