UPSC IAS Mains 2020 Practice Questions

UPSC IAS Mains 2020 Practice Questions – Mains Answer writing practice The Civil Services Examination is a nationwide competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service. Answer Writing Practice – UPSC IAS Mains 2020 Practice Questions

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UPSC IAS Mains 2020 Practice Questions

  1. Crimes against women in the country are on the rise. Suggest reasons and provide solutions to tackle the situation.
  2. While foreign envoys are allowed to visit Kashmir, the members of the opposition are not. Examine the need for constructive opposition in the light of the statement.
  3. Fast Track courts are only a half-hearted solution to stopping heinous crimes. Comment.
  4. 24X7 electricity availability is the next big step in digitizing India. Examine the statement.
  5. What are FasTags? How are they being implemented, and what are the benefits expected?
  6. Elucidate upon the need of government assistance to the North Eastern India for development. Examine alternatives to government support.
  7. Examine the possibility of privatization of routes of the Indian Railways. What are some of the alternatives to privatisation?
  8. Examine the federal impact of the GST council. Mention the issues it faces and suggest reforms for the same.
  9. What is the Mutual Legal Assistance treaty? What are the issues associated with it and solutions to those?
  10. While e-Commerce threatens brick-and-mortar shops, it is because of them that the customer has emerged a winner. Comment. Also, highlight the issues related to ecommerce and suggest solutions.
  11. Solar power is important, but it has almost become unviable to sustain solar projects in India. Comment
  12. Capital punishments have seen equal support and resistance. Highlight the utility of capital punishment, and examine if it must be continued in India.
  13. Reducing IMR remains a persistent challenge in India. Mention the reasons and suggest the solutions for it.
  14. While secularism may work for the west, India needs pluralism. Comment
  15. Nobody seems happy with the crop insurance scheme in India. Highlight the issues and suggest solutions to improve it.
  16. US-Iran crisis can lead to significant consequences on India. Comment
  17. What are the PCA norms? Mention the importance of these in protecting the health of the banks.
  18. Climate change has the potential to impact all life forms. Comment
  19. Minority institutions must be granted the freedom, but the same must be accompanied with regulations. Comment
  20. Examine the utility of blockchain and AI in transforming governance. Highlight the constraints in achieving them.
  21. What are smog towers and how do they work? Mention some more innovative solutions to fight smog.
  22. Explain the impact of the double burden of malnutrition on demographic dividend in India. Examine some solutions to it.
  23. Government scheme implementation needs proper auditing. Highlight the role to be played by CAG. Examine the need for better provisions related to third party auditing and social audit.
  24. The WTO system needs complete overhaul. Comment
  25. The dark spots on the streets have become a hub for crimes against women. Highlight the steps taken and a way forward to improve the situation.
  26. Critically comment on the need for the Indian Laws to be gender-neutral.
  27. Discuss the need and the feasibility of All India Judicial Services. How is it different from the NJAC?
  28. What was Savitribai Phule’s impact on women’s education in India? Discuss.
  29. Critically comment on granting special rights to the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
  30. What is NHRC? Critically comment upon its functions and powers.
  31. More programs are required on the lines of project tiger in the country. Comment
  32. Defection has become a major problem despite having a strong anti-defection law. Suggest the reforms required to improve the situation.
  33. Hunger and poverty in India stand as one of the major challenges. Highlight the strategy to eliminate them.
  34. Since criminals are getting smart, the police have to become smarter. Examine the statement through examples.
  35. While we have reached 100% rural ODF status, we remain far from total cleanliness. Comment on the statement and examine the need for cleanliness in India.
  36. Analyse the reasons and impacts of the forest fires. Suggest the measures to control them.
  37. Examine the need for creating a single energy ministry. Highlight the issues in achieving it.
  38. Elucidate upon the need for vaccinating the cattle in India. Mention the challenges and reform required to achieve 100% cattle vaccination.
  39. The poor financial health of the sugar factories has a direct impact on the rural economy of India. Comment
  40. Air India has become a burden, but it must not simply be sold off. Critically comment.
  41. Highlight the need for centre-state cooperation for sustainable development. Mention the role envisioned for the NITI Aayog.
  42. Dissent is the essence of democracy. In the light of the statement highlight the constitutional provisions to protect the freedom of speech in the country. Also mention some of the constraints and suggest a way forward.
  43. India’s green cover has been rising steadily. Mention the key steps in ensuring that the green cover keeps rising.
  44. What are open market operations? What is their impact on the economy?
  45. Artificial Intelligence can solve many of the problems that Indian railways face today. Critically comment.
  46. Digital payments have the potential to revolutionise the socio-economic framework of India. Comment
  47. Foreign investments are like double edged sword, which need to be handled cautiously. Comment
  48. “Good Governance” and “minimum government” go hand in hand. Do you agree? Justify your answer with suitable examples.
  49. Effective fund utilisation remains a key challenge in India. In the light of the statement, examine the need to reform Indian government’s fund utilisation for efficient service delivery.
  50. What is the need to insure the depositor’s money in the banks? What are the current provisions and what are the reforms suggested in the system?
  51. What is Arya samaj? Highlight Swami Shraddhanad’s role in Arya samaaj.
  52. Chief of defence can bring better coherence among the forces, but it can also lead to rise in friction among them. Critically comment.
  53. What are zero waste cities? Mention the challenges and benefits of achieving zero waste status in Indian cities.
  54. Northeastern India needs special economic zones, but with special protection of native culture. Comment
  55. MGNREGA has been a key legislation, but it needs drastic reforms. Comment.
  56. What is the basic structure of the Indian constitution, and why is it important to protect it. Explain with greater influence on secularism and freedom of expression.
  57. Examine the need to empower rural women. Highlight the role of self help groups in doing so.
  58. Indian businesses suffer due to stiff exit rules. Examine the prevailing situation and suggest reforms.
  59. Artificial intelligence is the key to future. Examine its importance in innovation and startup India programme.
  60. What is desertification? Highlight national and international efforts to limit it.
  61. Fiscal responsibility and discipline are required to ensure sustainable economic growth. Comment
  62. Cancer in India has become a major challenge, but the medical facilities are not apt enough to handle the crisis. Explain the issues and suggest reforms in ensuring cancer care in India.
  63. Disasters have been threatening the native ecosystems by bringing the foreign species. Comment
  64. What is the role of good governance in democracy? What steps need to be taken for improving the quality of governance in India?
  65. Groundwater conservation remains a major challenge in India. Explain the traditional and modern methods to improve the conservation in India.
  66. What is the post of Chief of Defence Staff? Examine the need for the post in the country?
  67. Examine the importance of India’s military co-operation with the world in the growing stature of India.
  68. What is Atal Bhujal Yojana? How is it significant amid the growing water crisis in the country?
  69. What is the National Population Register (NPR)?
  70. Railways’ workforce has been lurking for reforms and streamlining for too long. Critically comment.
  71. Mental disorders in India have become social disorder. Comment.
  72. Write a note on the Vaikkom Satyagraha. Mention the role played by Mahatma Gandhi in it.
  73. Accidents have not only dented the vehicles, but also Indian economy. In the light of the statement, explain the steps to improve the quality of roads in India.
  74. Indian steel sector is in dire needs of reforms. Comment.
  75. Elucidate upon the need to indigenise the defence production in India.
  76. India needs to resolve its boundary disputes for better collaboration with its neighbours. Comment.
  77. What are open market operations? How do they influence the economic situation in the country? How are they different from twist operations?
  78. Prevailing manual scavenging shows the deep inequality of the Indian society. Comment.
  79. What connects the NPR, NRIC, and Census? Evaluate the need of NRC in India.
  80. Fast food in India lacks in proper labelling. Mention the reason for latency and explain the solutions for the same.
  81. Road infrastructure plays a key role in ensuring all round regional development. Comment.
  82. Inequality adds to climate change. Critically analyse.
  83. Civil liberty goes much beyond freedom of speech. Elucidate.
  84. What is operation twist? What is its expected impact on the Indian economy?
  85. Highlight the impact of citizenship amendment act on India’s relationship with Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  86. Indigenous production will have manifold impact on the defence as well as economy of the country. Comment.
  87. Critically comment on the voluntary population control program in India. 
  88. Highlight the issues caused by water pollution, and suggest solutions to tackle it. 
  89. Railways remains lifeline of the nation, but the lifeline is in dire need of reforms. Comment. 
  90. Indian medical system faces a unique challenge of poor diagnostics. Comment. 
  91. What is middle income trap and how can it threaten Indian economy?
  92. Evaluate the role of SEZ in regional development. 
  93. Critically analyse the system of reviews and appeals in the Indian criminal justice system.
  94. Critically analyse the recent amendments to the right to information act.
  95. No refugee crisis presents a deep humanitarian crisis. Critically evaluate in the light of recent developments.   
  96. Explain the impact of inflation on employment. Suggest how hyper-inflation can further degrade employment situation. 
  97. Internet revolution has the potential of transforming Indian villages. Comment
  98. Evaluate the need for increasing the size of the lok sabha. 
  99. Deputations must be done for learning and coherence, not vacancy filling. Critically comment. 
  100. What is GEM Samvaad? How is it going to influence the economic scenario in the country? 
  101. We need to ensure energy efficiency after ensuring energy availability to all. UPSC IAS MAINS 2020
  102. RTI must allow for the transparency in system, but it must also not hamper the already burdened officials. Comment
  103. Explain why has the world’s longest climate conference come on the verge of collapse.
  104. What is Ease of Doing Business report? Why is it important for India to rank higher in it?
  105. Shutting down the internet has multidimensional impacts. Comment
  106. Suggest methods to improve the fertiliser delivery systems in India efficient.
  107. India is well on the path of achieving its IMR and MMR targets. Mention the achievements made and the challenges remaining to completely eliminate these issues
  108. India’s manufacturing sector faces quality issues that hamper exports. Find these issues and highlight solutions to them.
  109. Natural disasters have a potential of overhauling the ecology of any region completely. Comment
  110. Modern transportation technology is required to deal with congestion and pollution. Comment
  111. AI can help learning in developed countries. Highlight its importance with respect to rural India.
  112. Critically evaluate the performance of the fast-track courts in India. Suggest solutions to improve them.
  113. Differently abled are yet to find social and systemic acceptance. Comment
  114. Ganga is not only the holiest for the humans, but also for other life forms. Comment
  115. Savings and Investments have a scalable impact on the growth prospects of a country. Comment
  116. Climate change can no longer be tackled with traditional solutions. It requires new approaches. Comment
  117. India’s research and development faces challenges on various levels. Mention the challenges and suggest reforms in the same.
  118. Forensics is a key aspect of investigation, but there are a lot of challenges in correct forensic analysis in India. Comment
  119. Leakages have reduced the effectiveness of government schemes. Explain. UPSC IAS MAINS 2020
  120. Water management is crucial, and remains a key feature of the sustainable development goals. Comment
  121. Custodial killings put a dark spot on the democracy. Explain.
  122. Social security in India is still a distant dream. Examine the statement in the light of the new Social security bill tabled in Lok sabha.
  123. Examine the IBC (second amendment) bill, 2019. Analyse the amendments and suggest a way forward.
  124. Citizenship amendment bill can have stark implications on the unique culture of the North East. Comment
  125. Congestion in Delhi is a leading cause of the city’s woes. Comment
  126. Examine the feasibility of delivering justice in rape cases within 21 days. Mention the reforms that would be required in the criminal justice system.
  127. Judicial appointments have been delayed due to structure and will. Critically comment.
  128. Elaborate the benefits and challenges of making the mid-day meal diverse.
  129. NPA crisis has shattered Indian banks. Mention the need to identify and address the challenge of NPAs.
  130. Identify the key factors behind citizen-centric governance.
  131. Encounters, like the one in Telangana, call attention to a criminal justice system in need of urgent reform. Critically comment.
  132. Lokpal has been a silent institution. Critically comment.
  133. Criminal Justice System in India is in dire need of structural and policy reforms. Comment
  134. Geriatric care must not only come from the family, but also from the state. Explain.
  135. The citizenship amendment bill can either heal, or scratch the wounds of partition. Comment
  136. What is trade protectionism? Explain its impact on the global economy.
  137. Crimes against women have put a question on the legal and social order of India. Critically comment. 
  138. Write a short note on the Paika rebellion. UPSC IAS MAINS 2020
  139. Analyse the growing need for effective healthcare delivery in the country. Mention the role immunisation can play in this.
  140. India China relations go far beyond border disputes. Comment
  141. Land reforms process was initiated at the time of independence, but it still haunts the economic growth. Critically analyse.
  142. Elaborate upon the need of FDI in economic growth of the country. Suggest issues with the FDI.
  143. India has been following a balanced approach between Israel and Palestine. Comment
  144. Jails in India are manufacturers of criminals. Explain and suggest methods to improve the jails in India. UPSC IAS MAINS 2020
  145. Indian criminal justice system needs significant reforms to reduce crime against women. Comment
  146. India’s diversity is displayed by the languages in India. Elaborate the statement in the light of various constitutional provisions.
  147. Have electoral bonds made a bad system worse? Critically comment.
  148. Rise of social media has been accompanied with the fake news. Mention the steps required to tackle fake news.
  149. Banking sector has been in rumbles, but its revival is necessary for economic growth of the nation. Comment
  150. Privacy is not only a legal, but a natural right. Critically comment.
  151. India needs both; police and policy reforms for women’s safety. Comment
  152. The economic offences have been killing the growth efforts of the government.
  153. Data protection is akin to protection of fundamental rights. Mention challenges and suggest measures in enabling data protection in India.
  154. School education needs to go beyond textbooks. Mention the flaws in the education system in India and suggest how New Education Policy can change that.
  155. Explain the evolution of India’s education policy since Independence. Suggest way forward.
  156. Disaster management must factor-in the role of climate change. Comment on the statement, and explain upon the need for disaster resilient infrastructure in India.
  157. Tribal culture can give a significant boost to the tourism programs in the country. Critically comment.
  158. There is a need to prevent the MSMEs from becoming dwarfs. Comment
  159. There is a dire need to reform the political parties in India. Critically comment. 
  160. Indian economy has been marred by financial frauds. Mention the steps taken to improve the situation and suggest more reforms. 
  161. Analyse the direct tax code of India. Suggest issues and reforms to address the same.  UPSC IAS MAINS 2020
  162. E-commerce is the future of shopping, but some sectors need better regulation for selling online. Critically comment.
  163. The clarion of ‘Gareebi Hatao’ has not yet reached rural India completely. Comment.


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