UPSC IAS Prelims 2020 Test Series

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Unique Features of CS Prelims Test Series

Test Series for civil services examination 2020 will help any aspirant who is preparing in disciplined manner.

  1. All tests will be conducted in same manner as in real examination hall which helps in better time management and prepare students to solve MCQs correctly under exam pressure.
  2. Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus of UPSC CSP exam through UPSC standard MCQs.
  3. Comprehensive coverage of 16 Months Current Affairs, right from January 2019 to May 2020.
  4. Proportional presence of questions of every nature- ranging from factual to conceptual ones.
  5. Thorough coverage of each subject in the given time and subject-wise evaluation of students’ progress.
  6. Tests in same manner as real examination hall in order to prepare students mentally as well as psychologically to maintain exam pressure and help them efficiently manage their time.
  7. Performance Analysis of aspirants, Section wise analysis, Difficulty Analysis, All India Rank, Integrated Score Card, Analysis of Mock Test papers based on difficulty level & nature of questions etc.
  8. Detailed explanation to mock questions covering the entire gamut of information on important areas for deep understanding of the topics


Prelims Test Series-2020 includes:

  • 35 Tests – 30 General Studies Tests and 5 CSAT tests.

30 General Studies Tests:

  1. 20 Sectional Tests
  2. 5 Revision Tests
  3. 5 Full Syllabus Tests


Pattern: Paper I – General Studies (100 MCQ Questions =200 Marks); Paper –II – CSAT (80 MCQ Questions = 200 Marks)


Please Note that Marks of Paper – I General Studies only is calculated for qualifying for Mains Exam, while marks of Paper –II CSAT is of Qualifying Nature (33% of 200 Maximum Marks = 67 Marks) without attaining which one is not considered for Mains Exam.