UPSC Prelims 2020: Basic Geography Concepts

MYUPSC.COM is dedicated to preparation of UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Prelims and Mains Examination 2020. we are providing here the best quality study material and Test Series for UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains Exam 2020. you can get India yearbook 2020 and State wise Current Affairs and General Knowledge Yearbook 2020. The site intends to provide free study notes, knowledge or information related to IAS/PCS exams that can help to crack these Examinations. The Study Portal has also published its Ebooks/ PDF on various aspects & dimensions of General Studies of World, India and all the Indian states. The vision of the Study Portal is to consolidate all the relevant information related to India, Indian States regarding its History, Geography, Polity, Art-Culture, Heritage, Economy, Environment & Biodiversity and Current Affairs etc. UPSC Prelims 2020 Geography


Basic and Geography of India for UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2020 General Studies Paper-1. We have covered basic geography topics which are very useful for Preliminary examination.

Geography is so vast in its syllabus that it covers the most section of the General Studies for the IAS Prelims Exam. The geography is scientific in its orientation and hence the candidates having Arts background find it very difficult to prepare the geography for the IAS Prelims Exam.

But, the candidates cannot escape or overlook the geography because there are various aspects of geography which enormously helps in the overall General Studies Preparations. For example, the economy of our country is heavily dependent on the Monsoon but Monsoon is a geographical phenomenon. Moreover, we are talking about the demographic dividends but we can study the aspects of population growth under Population Geography and related avenues under Human Geography. UPSC Prelims 2020 Geography

Geography Concept Based Notes

  • The Universe
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Concepts of Geomorphology
  • Landforms and its Evolution
  • The Climatology
  • Atmospheric Circulation & Weather Systems
  • Oceanography
  • Physiography of India
  • Drainage System of India
  • Climate of India      
  • Maps of India and World
  • Agriculture
  • Mineral Resources
  • Transport
  • Migration

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UPSC Prelims 2020 Geography

Physical Economic and Human Geography of India

Indian Geography Question Bank


Geography & Environment Current issues yearbook 2020

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