WHO report: 25 key health services disrupted globally

The World Health Organization recently reported that at least half of 25 kinds of health services experienced disruptions due to COVID-19. The findings were based on the survey conducted by the international organization in its six regions.

According to the report of the WHO, the immunisation-outreach were the most hit. Following this, the second most impacted was the non-communicable diseases diagnosis and treatment. It was followed by family planning and contraception, treatment for mental health disorders and cancer diagnosis and treatment.

According to the WHO report, the countries are concentrating their efforts full time towards COVID-19.


The Report has found the following reason for the disruption in the services

  • The patient did not present themselves for outpatient care due to lock down
  • The supply side factors included work-force related difficulties, elective care and unavailability of services
  • Insufficient staff
  • Unavailability of health products
  • Changes in treatment policies
  • Closure of several population level screening programmes

Key findings of the report:

The report had found the following

  • 76% of the countries had decrease in outpatient volume
  • 66% had decrease in inpatient volume owing to cancellation of elective care
  • 44% of the countries faced insufficient personal protective equipment available for health care providers.
  • 33% of the countries faced changes in treatment policies

Regions of WHO

WHO divides the world into six regions. The six regions of the organization are African region, European region, South-East Asia region, Eastern Mediterranean region, western pacific region and the European region. India lies in the south east Asia region. The other countries belonging to South East Asia region are Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, North Korea, Maldives, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Thailand.

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